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The Top Twelve Freight & Logistics Firms In Singapore (Sponsored Ad – Bottom)

Regular Price from: $600.00 Sale Price from: $300.00

Regular Price from: $600.00 Sale Price from: $300.00

Getting clients in the logistics space in Singapore is highly competitive given our small market and low margins in the industry.

With more companies moving towards a digital-first strategy, freight and logistics firms must consider more strategic approaches to gain a competitive edge over rivals lest they lose clients and fall behind.

Running campaigns on Google Adwords can also be quite costly with logistic companies bidding for relevant keywords upwards of $3 to $15 for just one click.

However, instead of competing directly with dozens of other logistic firms just to be seen by your potential clients on Google, why not consider an easier approach?

Our listicle The Top Twelve Freight and Logistics Firms in Singapore is already ranked on the first page of Google for 91 relevant keywords, and ranked on the second page of Google for 27 keywords.

This results in approximately 484 targeted clicks every month to this listicle through Google searches (at a conservative estimate of $3 per click, this page is worth at least $1,452 monthly).

With our special sale until the end of this year, you can enjoy the benefits of a high ranking page on Google at a fraction of the cost at just $10 SGD a day without having to spend on SEO.

Important Note: There is only one slot available for this sponsored ad and will be subject to a first-come first-served basis. Further supporting information, sample ad preview, and FAQ is shown below.

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Top 30 Keywords

Top 30 Keywords

Top 30 Keywords by Google Search Position:

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You can easily verify the accuracy of the positions by searching for the keywords provided in incognito mode and looking out for this article.

However, do note that search results are influenced by many factors such as an individual’s search history as well as changes to Google’s algorithm.

Hence, there will inevitably be some variations in keyword search positions  over time.

The information provided above is verified from Google Search Console and is accurate as of 30 October 2018.

Additional Statistics

Additional Statistics

Statistics for the single page The Top Twelve Freight and Logistics Firms in Singapore over the past 90 days

Google Analytics

Pageviews: 2,143

Unique Pageviews: 1,652

Avg. Time on Page: 3:38

Bounce Rate: 83.01%

Moz Authority

Domain Authority: 36

Page Authority: 22

Google Search Console

Keywords on First Page: 91

Keywords on Second Page: 27

Total Clicks: 1,893

Total Impressions: 25,317

CTR: 7.48%

The information provided above is verified from Google Analytics and Google Search Console and is accurate as of 30 October 2018.

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Sample Ad Preview

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View: The Top Twelve Freight & Logistics Firms in Singapore

Cost Justification

Cost Justification

Your success is our success.

Here is a simple formula you can use to calculate your ideal advertising spend.

Assuming you earn $1000 from one client, let’s find out how much you should invest in marketing:

Basic Monthly Cost: $300 fixed

Qualified Leads = Pageviews * Traffic Conversion Rate

Sales = Qualified Leads * Sales Conversion Rate (e.g. your landing page/follow-up)

Assuming both conversion rates are at 5% (1 in every 20 visitor) and earnings of $1,000 for each sale, there will be $1,660 sales revenue generated with 664 page views.

Keep in mind these page views have already been qualified once by clicking on a relevant Google search result to come to our page, hence the expected conversion rates will be higher.

If Sales Revenue > Cost, it will be logical to proceed with advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sponsored ad placement on TopAdSpace?

A sponsored ad comprises of a title, description, image (optional), and destination url link.

The title and description is limited to 80 characters and 150 characters unless the add-on is purchased.

The sponsored ad will appear on the selected article for the period of time purchased (every month is equivalent to 30 days).

What are the benefits of a sponsored ad on TopAdSpace?

You get to benefit from your company being seen and noticed by your key target audience when they visit our top ranked pages on Google search results.

You do not have to compete directly with others on a variable cost basis, instead we charge only a flat monthly rate.

Our ad slots are unique and sold on a first-come first-served basis, and it is almost impossible to find something similar to what we offer.

Are results guaranteed if I purchase a sponsored ad on TopAdSpace?

You will not find guaranteed results anywhere and the same applies here.

The success of your sponsored ad depends on many factors such as relevance to visitors and persuasive copywriting.

However, you will find a higher likelihood of success by advertising with us as our pages receive significant numbers of targeted traffic every month consistently.

Will I be able to purchase the same sponsored space elsewhere?

We have exclusive partnerships with our vendors for the product items (sponsored space, advertorials etc) provided on Top Ad Space, hence you will not be able to find the same product items being sold elsewhere unless it is explicitly specified.

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There are no refunds once a purchase has been made.

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No reservations can be made at the moment.

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You can make payment by Paypal or by using a credit or debit card through Paypal.

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The duration of your ad slot will start immediately on the next working day unless specified otherwise, and will end after the specified number of months has been reached (every month is equivalent to 30 days).

You will also receive an email from our team requesting the necessary materials needed for the sponsored ad (title/description/image/link). It is highly recommended that you prepare the materials as soon as possible.

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You can send an email to for any help.